Monday, January 7, 2013

Death to Procrastination

Today, I engaged in various activities to end my natural tendency toward procrastination and it felt great!

First, I completed today's reading - my church has a corporate reading program where we all read the same Bible verses during the week.  (My previous mode of operation is to read the entire weeks worth on Saturday.)  Today we read Psalm 4 which sent me on a trip down memory lane to when I was a member of a Lutheran Youth choir called "Sing for Joy".  Ahhhh, those were the "good ole days" when we all had matching outfits and put on concerts for the folks in the convalescent home.

On my way to work, I made a stop that I've been meaning to do since before Christmas. I delivered my Christmas Jar.  For the last several years, our pastors have encouraged us to fill our mason jar with spare change during the year.  The intent is to give the jar away as a way to bless others and remind them that God is thinking of them.  I was fairly certain of the neighbor who was to be the recipient of my jar, but I just couldn't get my guts up to stop by to give it to them.  Prompted by Sunday's sermon "Procrastination - One of the Rocks in our Shoes", I ignored my fear & pulled into the driveway, knocked on the door and said "This is for you."  The lady of the house was leery at first, but was very thankful. It was a blessing for me too.

After a full and productive day at the office, I headed over to my local YMCA and turned in my membership application.  In 2011, I started my fitness journey and developed a steady at home workout schedule with my resistance bands & my Chalene Extreme DVD's.  I was a consistent until I April of 2012 and I fell off the fitness bandwagon.  Today, the inactivity came to a close - I paid my prorated membership fee, found out that the normal sign up fee was waived (BONUS), got a tour of the facility, borrowed a combination lock & signed myself up for a spin class. I thought I was going to just keel over half way through, but I toughed it out and completed 11 miles - Wooo Hooo!

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