Monday, March 19, 2012

I am Grateful for...

  • My Faith = it is the foundation of my existence.
  • My Health:  this coming week promises to be busy and filled with diverse activities.  I am so thankful that the sinus infection that knocked me on my butt is out of my system.
  • My Husband:  Mike is the most understanding man I've ever had in my life.  He supports me in all my endeavors (even when he secretly thinks they could be hare-brained schemes).
  • My Family and Friends:  they have been and always will be a fabulous support system for me.
  • My technical abilities and my love of learning.  These really go hand-in-hand because so much of my computer skills have been gleaned from watching techies tinker with my computers and the premise that "if it is already broken, what harm could come from messing with it?"
I am a firm believer in keeping a gratitude journal.  Each evening, right before I hit the sack, I take a few minutes to jot down items from my day for which I am grateful.  Saturday evening I made an entry:  "I am grateful Steve has a check for Mike."  (Steve is the contractor my hubby sub-contracts under).  The very next day, the hubster picked up a check from the guy.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


I believe I have an overblown expectation when it comes to handshakes, thanks in no small part to my dear departed mother. She taught her daughters to have a firm handshake "You want someone to know you are THERE" she would tell us as we practiced with her.  Knuckle-busting was discouraged, while the full palm to palm contact was the goal.

As a female of the species, I don't have a ton of occasions where the handshake is practiced.  (I more of a hugger anyway.)  But when the opportunity arises, I strive to live up to the lesson my mother bestowed upon me so long ago.  That is why I get so frustrated when I am met with a half shake or the "dead fish".  Let me explain.

The half shake = your opponent grabs hold of your hand prematurely and you only have a grasp on their fingers. This could be a sign of commitment issues on the part of the half-shaker. While the "dead fish" has the appearance of a great handshake, except there is absolutely NO pressure or resistance offered.   YUCK - I really despise those!

[rant complete]

thanks....I feel better now

meanwhile....a story gets posted on Yahoo: 

What Your Handshake Says About Your Health

kinda cool that my need to rant about this topic happened this morning...