Wednesday, March 14, 2012


I believe I have an overblown expectation when it comes to handshakes, thanks in no small part to my dear departed mother. She taught her daughters to have a firm handshake "You want someone to know you are THERE" she would tell us as we practiced with her.  Knuckle-busting was discouraged, while the full palm to palm contact was the goal.

As a female of the species, I don't have a ton of occasions where the handshake is practiced.  (I more of a hugger anyway.)  But when the opportunity arises, I strive to live up to the lesson my mother bestowed upon me so long ago.  That is why I get so frustrated when I am met with a half shake or the "dead fish".  Let me explain.

The half shake = your opponent grabs hold of your hand prematurely and you only have a grasp on their fingers. This could be a sign of commitment issues on the part of the half-shaker. While the "dead fish" has the appearance of a great handshake, except there is absolutely NO pressure or resistance offered.   YUCK - I really despise those!

[rant complete]

thanks....I feel better now

meanwhile....a story gets posted on Yahoo: 

What Your Handshake Says About Your Health

kinda cool that my need to rant about this topic happened this morning...

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