Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Getting Into a New Groove

Three short weeks ago, I started a new job and I LOVE it!  I get to work with some great people, doing things I love to do, and so far, it really doesn't feel like "work."  (I know, I know, it has only been three weeks, but I'm still driving to work each morning with a goofy smile on my face and I come home happy every day!)

Now that I am feeling more secure with my job duties, I need to get myself back into an exercise routine.  (I fell off the fitness wagon a couple of months ago due to a bout with a sinus infection which knocked me on my butt.)  I've been able to get back to semi-regular crafting sessions - which really contributes to my outlook, but I have yet to lace up the sneakers and don my workout gear.  While I don't believe my husband would join in my workouts, but I think I need to draft him as a motivatoring force to get me back into the groove of hopping out of bed, mixing up a recovery shake & making my fat cells cry for 20 to 45 minutes in the morning.

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