Sunday, August 19, 2012

Has this ever happened to you?

I had a line from a movie pop into my head this morning:  Listen to it here

I had to Google to remember the source of the quote (because the coffee has yet to kick in this morning).  When the You Tube link popped up I was amazed at myself for not remembering that these words were uttered through Clint Eastwood's clenched teeth.  (We are HUGE Clint fans in this house).

The hubster was concerned that I was attempting to send him a subtle message about something he did - or was thinking about doing.  I quickly reassured him that this advice was for me: I am on the verge of spreading myself too thin (as is my habit, because I have a speech impediment which makes it difficult for me to say the word "No" to people).

I am a habitual people-pleaser who avoids conflict and hard feelings at all costs.  As a result, I easily over-commit myself to help friends when I should be taking care of myself or my family.  Well, that buck stops here today!  For once, I actually saw it coming before it happened.  (Hooray for me!)

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