Thursday, January 26, 2012

Winter in the Northeast

My top speed driving home tonight was 43 mph.  It had been snowing most of the afternoon, and the roads were messy (NOT unusual for January in Upstate New York).  I was getting fairly close to home when the roads started looking better.  I remembered something my husband told me once about how driving in four wheel drive uses more gas and then I saw the snow plow not to far ahead of me, so I switched back to two wheel drive.  Moments later, I realized that was not the wisest moves I have ever made.

NOTE TO SELF:  Do not be lulled into thinking that the presence of a snow plow in front of you negates the possibility of black ice on the road.

Just as another car was approaching from the opposite direction, my left front tire found a patch of black ice. The voice of Bill Cosby rang in my head "Turn in the direction of the skid".  (I think that is what I did...but I really didn't have control of my truck.)  I straighten up and then drifted toward the snowbank on the right side of the road.  The crunchiness of the snow gave me back an element of control.  I had been gently braking while trying not to pee my pants - THAT is when I saw I was headed directly at an innocent mail box.  I pressed the brake peddle to the floor while praying that I could stop in time.

As it turned out, God showed His love by sparing the mailbox and my truck.  Oh, and my adrenalin rush lasted until I got home five minutes later.


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